Clerks, 1994



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Leonardo: Leonardo is on the Academy commuter bus route 36 to Long Branch, departing from New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal, 625 Eighth Avenue (bus information: 212.564.8484). The journey takes about 1hr 15 min. You can't miss Quickstop once you get off the bus. Leonardo is not a big place.


See Kevin Smith's cameo in Daredevil, and Jay and Silent Bob in Scream 3

Clerks film location: Quick Stop Groceries, Leonardo, New Jerseys

Clerks film location: Quick Stop Groceries, Leonardo, New Jersey

The career of love-him or hate-him indiemeister Kevin Smith was launched by this micro-budget production, famously financed by credit cards and filmed in the convenience store where the director was working, Quick Stop Groceries, 58 Leonard Avenue, Leonardo, on the western tip of New Jersey. Smith could only film interiors at night, when the store was closed, hence the gag about the shutters being jammed shut with gum.

The store can be glimpsed at the beginning of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and seems to be destroyed by fire in Clerks II. Don't fret – it is still there.

Next door is RST Video, 60 Leonard Avenue, if you just have to rent that copy of Cum-Gargling Naked Sluts (no, don't even think about it).

The disrupted funeral is at Postens Funeral Home, 59 East Lincoln Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, the next stop on the commuter bus route from New York.

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