Enemy Of The State, 1998


Tony Scott


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Washington DC: Getting there: International flights to Dulles International Airport

Domestic: Reagan National Airport, smaller but much closer to downtown DC

Tourist info: Washington, DC Convention and Tourism Corporation 901 7th Street NW, 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20001-3719 (tel: 202.789.7000)

Los Angeles: Flights: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Canter’s, 419 North Fairfax Avenue, between Oakwood and Rosewood Avenues, Hollywood, the classic kosher deli, open 24 hours (tel: 323.651.2030)


Pasadena’s Craven Estate is also featured in Being There, with Peter Sellers, Swordfish, with John Travolta, and in Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic.

Enemy of the State location: Craven Estate, Madeline Drive, Pasadena, Los Angeles

Enemy of the State location: Will Smith’s ‘DC’ law office: Craven Estate, Madeline Drive, Pasadena, Los Angeles

Set in Washington DC, this flashy, visceral surveillance thriller from the hyperactive Tony Scott, with Will Smith under threat after witnessing the murder of a politician, features Dupont Circle, the Georgetown district and the steps of the Treasury Building, Pennsylvania Avenue NW at 15th Street.

The hideout of Brill Lyle (Gene Hackman) was the old Dr Pepper plant in the industrial section of Baltimore, which was demolished for the movie. Also Baltimore is the chase through the Consolidated Coal yards on Newgate Avenue, down toward the Patapsco River.

More locations were faked in Los Angeles, including the law office of Robert Clayton Dean (Smith), which is the Craven Estate, 430 Madeline Drive, Pasadena. The estate is private, and now used as offices of the American Red Cross.

Two famed Los Angeles restaurants were roped in for filming: Canter’s, 419 North Fairfax Avenue, Hollywood; and the now-closed Chasen’s, 246 North Canon Drive, in Beverly Hills.

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