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'Rydell High': Venice High School, Venice Boulevard



There was plenty of mucking about with the pastiche-50s stage show, including the addition of a horribly disco title song, and the ditching - or relegation to background music - of many of the original songs. But that didn't stop Grease becoming the most profitable musical ever. On UK TV, it was recently voted the Greatest Film Musical of all time.

'Rydell High' is a conflation of three different schools. The art deco facade is Venice High School, 13000 Venice Boulevard in Venice, LA. This was also Ed Furlong's school in American History X.

The carnival finale was filmed on the sports fields of John Marshall High School, 3939 Tracy Street in Silverlake.,You can see the school, which numbers Leonardo DiCaprio among former students, in loads of movies, including the original big-screen version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

, (1978, dir: Randal Kleiser)

John Travolta; Olivia Newton-John; Stockard Channing


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