MacKenna’s Gold, 1969


J Lee Thompson


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Arizona: Visit: Canyon de Chelly

Monument Valley can be reached on Route 163, 24 miles north from the town of Kayenta, Route 160. There’s a visitor centre (admission charge; tel: 435.727.3353). A 14-mile loop snakes through the valley, but not all roads are open to the public. You can see more of the park on a guided tour, from the parking lot at the visitor center.

MacKenna's Gold location: Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

MacKenna's Gold location: the spectacular landscape: Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Photograph: iStockphoto / Vladone

Strange, epic Western, scripted by Carl Foreman, with loads of guest stars attempting to track down the legendary Valley of Gold.

The striking desert landscapes are Glen Canyon, Utah; and the magnificent Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.

The sheer, red cliffs of Canyon de Chelly are peppered with caves and the ruins of Indian villages. The visitor centre is at Chinle, about three miles from Route 191.

The turkey buzzard, in the opening sequence, flies over the familiar buttes and mesas of Monument Valley, on the Arizona/Utah border.

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