She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, 1949


John Ford


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Monument Valley can be reached on Route 163, 24 miles north from the town of Kayenta, Route 160. There’s a visitor centre (admission charge; tel: 435.727.3353). A 14-mile loop snakes through the valley, but not all roads are open to the public. You can see more of the park on a guided tour, from the parking lot at the visitor center.


John Ford made Monument Valley a cinematic icon in Stagecoach and The Searchers.

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon location: The Mittens, Monument Valley, Arizona

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon location: John Wayne’s fort: The Mittens, Monument Valley, Arizona

John Wayne as a Cavalry officer Captain Nathan Brittles, on the verge of retirement in John Ford’s goodlooking, elegiac Western made – where else – in Monument Valley, Arizona and at Mexican Hat on the San Juan River, Utah.

Nathan Brittles’ fort stands in the shadow of two of Monument Valley’s most striking formations, The Mittens.

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