Trainspotting, 1996


Danny Boyle


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Danny Boyle’s previous film, Shallow Grave, was also set in Edinburgh, but shot largely in Glasgow.

See the real Edinburgh on screen in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Oscar-winner Chariots Of Fire, Peter Sellers comedy The Battle of The Sexes, and 50s sci-fi spectacular Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Trainspotting location: Volcano, Benalder Street, Glasgow

Trainspotting location: sadly, gone: The disco: Volcano, Benalder Street, Glasgow

Although Danny Boyle’s high-speed whizz through Irvine Welsh’s cult novel is set in Edinburgh (there's a brief section filmed in Bayswater and West Kensington in London), like the team's previous Shallow Grave it was filmed – apart from a little scene-setting at the beginning – almost entirely in Glasgow, a city which offers film makers all the breaks.

Trainspotting location: Princes Street, Edinburgh

Trainspotting location: legging it down Princes Street, Edinburgh

The opening scene is the only glimpse of the real Edinburgh, with Renton (Ewan McGregor) and co raiding John Menzies Bookstore and legging it away down Princes Street to the Calton Street Bridge, where Renton is hit by the car.

Trainspotting location: Calton Street Bridge, Edinburgh

Trainspotting location: Renton runs in front of the car: Calton Street Bridge, Edinburgh

From here on it’s all Glasgow. The studio filming utilised a disused cigarette factory (it provides 30 of the film’s 50 locations). The down-at-heel pub where the American tourist gets done over, and everyone gathers after the trial, is the old Social Club of the factory.

The football match filmed at the Firhill Health Complex, Hopehill Road, north from Maryhill Road, North Kelvin (underground: St Georges Cross). The park in which Renton and Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller) discuss the career of Sean Connery and shoot the dog’s behind is Rouken Glen Park, Rouken Glen Park Road, Thornliebank, south of the city centre on the line from Central Station. The park was also the site of the titular grave in Shallow Grave.

Trainspotting location: Rouken Glen Park, Thornliebank, Glasgow

Trainspotting location: talking Bond and shooting the dog’s bum: Rouken Glen Park, Thornliebank, Glasgow

The cafe where Renton and Spud (Ewen Bremner) share a milkshake before speeding is Cafe d’Jaconelli, 570 Maryhill Road, in North Kelvin not far from the Firhill Health Complex.

Trainspotting location: Cafe D'Jaconelli, Glasgow

Trainspotting location: Renton and Spud share a milkshake: Cafe D’Jaconelli, Glasgow

A little further up the road on the left is Queen Margaret Drive. A few minutes down the road you can find the galleried bar where Begbie (Robert Carlyle) entertains the crowd with his pool story and demonstrates how not to dispose of a beermug. It’s Crosslands, 182 Queen Margaret Drive.

Trainspotting location: Crosslands, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow

Trainspotting location: Begbie slings the beermug into the crowd: Crosslands, Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow

The nightclub where Renton meets ballsy schoolgirl Diane (Kelly MacDonald) was Volcano, 15 Benalder Street, close to Kelvinhall Station. You won’t be so lucky. The nightclub has since been demolished.

The railway station where Tommy tries vainly to whip up some enthusiasm for the Scottish countryside is Rannoch Moor, at the northern tip of Loch Ossian up toward Fort William. The railway station is Corrour, on the West Highland Line between Glasgow and Mallaig. Although it’s a convenient starting point for hill-walkers, you should be aware that the station is not accessible by road.

Trainspotting location: Talgarth Road, West Kensington, London

Trainspotting location: Renton's London flat: Talgarth Road, West Kensington, London

Renton’s West London flat is 78A Talgarth Road at North End Road, opposite West Kensington tube station.

Trainspotting location: Royal Eagle Hotel, Craven Road, Bayswater, London

Trainspotting location: the drug deal: Royal Eagle Hotel, Craven Road, Bayswater (before its renovation), London

The Edinburgh boys might be expected to fetch up in King’s Cross when they find themselves with two kilos of skag to offload, but it’s amid the shabby anonymity of Bayswater, that they make a cool £16,000. Sick Boy leads the “small-time wasters with an accidental big deal” out of Smallbrook Mews across Craven Road, in a parody of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover, to the Royal Eagle Hotel, 26-30 Craven Road, Bayswater, where they meet dealer Keith Allen.

Empty and dilapidated at the time of filming, the five grand Victorian houses which make up the hotel have been totally renovated and spruced up into quite a classy establishment. You can stay there, but not in the drug deal room, which was filmed back in Glasgow, in the George Hotel, 235 Buchanan Street not far from Central Station.

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