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Crossroads of the World, Hollywood

Crossroads of the World –the 1930s shopping mall that thinks it’s an ocean liner

Carry on south to Sunset and the illuminated spire and revolving globe of the Crossroads of the World, 6671 Sunset Boulevard, a 1936 open-air shopping mall passing itself off as an ocean liner, complete with portholes, gracefully sailing into various European ‘villages’. Now converted into offices, this is where Diana Murphy (Demi Moore) works in Indecent Proposal, and also where Sid Hudgens (Danny De Vito) runs the scandalous Hush! Hush! magazine in L.A . Confidential.

Hollywood Boulevard

The empty bank building on Hollywood Boulevard turned into a movie theatre for L.A. Confidential

And talking of Curtis Hanson’s classy neo-noir, a little east on Hollywood Boulevard, the striking bank building with the huge deco tower at 5620 Hollywood Boulevard was temporarily transformed into ‘El Cortez’ picture house for the ‘Movie Premiere Pot Bust’ scene.

Pantages Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard

Pantages Theatre – now the LA home for Broadway musicals

Pantages Theater, 6233 Hollywood Boulevard hosts the premiere of Plan 9 From Outer Space in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood (on the outside at least – the interior is downtown’s Orpheum), though nowadays the theatre specialises in live Broadway shows.

You should catch a live performance at Pantages, if only to get a look at the lobby – extravagant enough to be passed off as a wildly exotic nightclub in Species, and as ‘Gotham Casino’ in Batman Forever.

Bob's Frolic Room, Hollywood Boulevard

Great little dive bar on Hollywood Boulevard alongside Pantages Theatre – Bob’s Frolic Room

Clubs and restaurants change owners and names with dizzying frequency. One drinkery that hasn’t changed is Bob’s Frolic Room, 6245 Hollywood Boulevard, a surviving Thirties, neon-fronted bar alongside the Pantages Theater. Great juke box and elegant Al Hirschfield cartoons on the wall. Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) grabs a stiff drink here in L.A. Confidential.

As you unwind, make sure your designated driver keeps one eye on the car. ‘Shannon’, one of the classic cars stolen in the 2001 remake of Gone In 60 Seconds, is taken from outside the Frolic.

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