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Tuesday April 23rd 2024

3 Men And A Baby | 1987

Three Men And A Baby filming location: The Prasada, Central Park West, New York
Three Men And A Baby filming location: the Manhattan apartment building: The Prasada, Central Park West, New York

This remake of the 1985 French film Trois Hommes Et Un Couffin (Three Men And A Cradle) is set in New York, but is one of the many films shot, for financial reasons, largely in Toronto.

Real New York is established with the imposing pillared exterior of the bachelor apartment, at which baby Mary is left, which is The Prasada, 50 Central Park West at West 65th Street. This was also where Gordon Hocheiser (George Segal) lived with his dotty mother Ruth Gordon in Carl Reiner’s brilliant, but near forgotten, 1970 comedy Where’s Poppa? It’s just south of Sigourney Weaver’s haunted block from Ghostbusters.

Much of the rest, though, is Toronto. The theatre, where actor Jack Holden (Ted Danson) is appearing, isn’t on Broadway but is the Royal Alexandra Theatre, 260 King Street West.

A few blocks east on King Street West, towering over the city’s Financial District is Scotia Plaza which, back in the Eighties, was the high-rise building still under construction for architect Peter Mitchell (Tom Selleck).

The swimming baths to which Mary is taken for a splashabout is the pool at the John Innes Community Recreation Centre, 150 Sherbourne Street in the Moss Park district of downtown.

As with many Toronto-based films (Chicago, X-Men...), sets were built in the old Gooderham and Worts Distillery Building, on Mill Street toward the Toronto waterfront.