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Thursday July 18th 2024

Addams Family Values | 1993

Addams Family Values location: Sequoia Lake, California
Addams Family Values location: holiday at ‘Camp Chippewa’ “America’s Foremost Facility for Privileged Young Adults”: Sequoia Lake, Miramonte, California

Homicidal serial bride Debbie (Joan Cusack) sets her sights on Uncle Fester when she’s hired to look after new arrival, baby Pubert. There’s no single conjugal home for Fester and Debbie, as their wedded bliss was filmed in a conflation of mansions in Pasadena and the Palos Verdes Peninsula, southwest of Los Angeles.

[321 Manford Way, Pasadena.]

If you’re entranced by the prospect of a holiday at ‘Camp Chippewa’ “America’s Foremost Facility for Privileged Young Adults”, the delightfully WASP summer camp to which Wednesday and Pugsley are despatched, you can visit it at Sequoia Lake near the entrance to the Sequoia National Forest, 50 miles east of Fresno, central California, though I can’t guarantee you’ll get Kumbaya around the campfire every night. It's the YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake, Lake Road, Miramonte.

The arrival of the campers was filmed at Camp Sequoia itself, while the cheesy Thanksgiving musical pageant, gleefully subverted by Wednesday (Christina Ricci), was staged on the other side of the lake at Camp Tulequoia.

As the name of Camp Sequoia suggests, the forest is home to giant sequoia trees, the largest living things on the planet. You’ll find a Visitor Centre at Grant Grove in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, where the 3,000-year-old giants, named for US war heroes, include the General Grant and the Robert E Lee.

A few miles to the southeast on Route 180 – called the General’s Highway – stands the biggest of the lot, General Sherman, 275 feet tall and weighing 1385 tons. Sequoia Lake is just off the General’s Highway, a couple of miles from Grant Grove.