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Sunday June 23rd 2024

Les Amants (The Lovers) | 1958

Jeanne Tournier (Jeanne Moreau) is not only married to stuffy old Henri (Alain Cuny) but carrying on an affair in Paris, when she suffers a sudden Gallic attack of amour fou and takes off with a younger hunk, in Louis Malle's early New Wave movie.

The Tournier's villa is a composite of an actual villa in Dijon – as it's supposed to be – together with exteriors filmed near Paris. The grounds were actually way to the south in Provence.

The neighbouring roads were filmed around Burgundy.

The small village of 'Montbard', where Jeanne and her beau-to-be stop off en route to Dijon is actually Lusigny-sur-Ouche, in the Côte-d'Or department of eastern France.

• Many thanks to Roland-François Lack for help with this section.