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Wednesday April 17th 2024

Any Given Sunday | 1999

Any Given Sunday filming location: Villa Vizcaya, South Miami Avenue, Coconut Grove, South Miami, Florida
Any Given Sunday: the mayor's party: Villa Vizcaya, South Miami Avenue, Coconut Grove, South Miami, Florida | Photograph: Wikimedia

Oliver Stone's power-playing drama of American football treads familiar territory and spends too much time on the football field.

Set largely in Florida, the home of the fictitious 'Miami Sharks' is the Orange Bowl Stadium, which stood at 1501 NW 3rd Street, Miami, until being demolished in 2008. The site is now occupied by Marlins Park, home of the Miami Marlins

The mayor's party is held in that familiar old standby of Miami movies, Villa Vizcaya, 3251 South Miami Avenue at 32nd Road in Coconut Grove on the coast of South Miami.

It was built in 1916 as the winter home of magazine founder James Deering, a kind of mini-Xanadu, the Italian Renaissance mansion is packed with European artefacts – Roman sarcophagi, the contents of Italian villas and even Catherine de Medici’s fireplace.

There are formal gardens and tours of the building. A frequently-used location, you can also see the villa as the home of villain Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) in Iron Man 3, in Absence of Malice, as the mansion of James Stewart in Airport ’77 and as the seafront villa of Ronald Camp (Udo Kier) in Ace Ventura – Pet Detective.

The nightspot where Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx) bumps into is ex is the Cardozo Hotel, 1300 Ocean Drive at 14th Street, South Beach, Miami, an art deco gem restored in the Eighties.

The Cardozo was previously seen in Frank Capra's 1959 A Hole In The Head, with Frank Sinatra, but more famously, it's where Ben Stiller ‘cleaned the pipes’ and Cameron Diaz picked up some natural hair gel in There’s Something About Mary.

More scenes were shot in Miami's southern suburb of Homestead and, away from Florida completely, the home of the 'Dallas Knights' and scene of the climactic game, was the Texas Stadium, Irving – another casualty of the wrecking ball, demolished in 2010.