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Tuesday May 28th 2024

The Big Easy | 1986

The Big Easy filming location: Tipitina's, Napoleon Avenue, New Orleans
The Big Easy filming location: McSwain takes Osborne to the famous music joint: Tipitina's, Napoleon Avenue, New Orleans | Photograph: wikimedia / Infrogmation

DA Anne Osborne (Ellen Barkin) hates detective Remy McSwain (Dennis Quaid) so much that you just know they’re going to end up together, while investigating corruption in a touristy New Orleans.

A body is discovered in the fountain of Piazza d’Italia on Poydras Street, near Tchoupitoulas Street, on of several ‘European’ – French, Spanish, British – themed piazzas in the area. McSwain takes Osborne to Tipitina’s, the famous music joint and local institution, though this is a studio recreation. Never mind, you can visit the real Tipitina’s, 501 Napoleon Avenue at Tchoupitoulas Street.

Osborne, obviously doing pretty well for herself, later receives a phone call at Antoine’s, 713 St Louis Street, a classy but expensive French-Creole restaurant in the French Quarter. Opened in 1840, it’s claimed to be the oldest eaterie in the US under continuous family ownership.