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Sunday June 23rd 2024

The Blob | 1988

The Blob filming location: Frank's Theater, South Jefferson Street, Abbeville, Louisiana
The Blob location: the movie house: Frank's Theater, South Jefferson Street, Abbeville | Photograph: wikimedia / Lori Branham

The not-half-bad, updated remake of 1958 sci-fi horror The Blob, with spectacularly gloopy FX and a fine cast of character players.

This time around, the blobby creature comes not from outer space but from military experiments and is set in 'Arborville, California'. It was filmed in the similarly-named Abbeville, on Route 14, 20 miles south of Lafayette in southern Louisiana.

The movie house is Frank's Theater, 108 South Jefferson Street, Downtown. Built in 1931, it closed in 1983 (and was abandoned at the time of filming) but there is a campaign to save and restore the theatre, SaveTheFrank's.

The football game was filmed at the stadium of Vermillion Catholic High School, 425 Park Avenue, and the explosive climax at Abbeville Courthouse on North State Street.