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Wednesday April 17th 2024

Born On The Fourth Of July | 1989

Tom Cruise makes a bid for serious acting cred, complete with lank hair and a beard, as real-life Viet-Vet Ron Kovic, who led opposition to the Vietnam War after being paralysed from the waist down.

The movie was made at Los Colinas Studios in Dallas, Texas, and both Kovic’s neighbourhood of ‘Massapequa, Long Island‘, and the ‘Miami’ scenes were filmed around the Dallas area. The ‘Vietnam’ scenes filmed in the Philippines.

The Kovics’ ‘Long Island’ home is on Creekside Drive, off Houghton Road in the Piedmont Addition, southwest Dallas near the Hawn Freeway.

Young Ron’s high school is Margaret Henderson Elementary School, 2200 South Edgefield Avenue, Elmwood in Dallas.

After the killings at ‘Kent State University’, Abbie Hoffman leads protests at Dallas Hall, home of Dedman College, Boaz Lane off Daniel Avenue, on the campus of Southern Methodist University, University Park.

The ‘Chicago Convention Center’ is the Dallas Convention Center, 650 South Griffin Street.