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Monday July 15th 2024

Career Girls | 1997

Career Girls filming location: Caversham Road, Kentish Town, London
Career Girls location: Hannah's flat in North London: Caversham Road, Kentish Town, London NW5

Annie (Lynda Steadman), a twitchy bundle of low self-esteem and dermatitis, travels down from the north of England to stay with Hannah (Katrin Cartlidge), her more confident friend from college days in London.

Hannah greets Annie from the train at King’s Cross Station, North London and it’s only a short journey to Hannah’s top-floor flat at 72 Caversham Road at the corner of Bartholomew Road, Kentish Town, NW5.

Walking nearby, Hannah and Annie glimpse an old friend jogging up posh Primrose Hill – toward the spot where Barbara Covett (Judi Dench) looks out over the city from her bench in Notes On A Scandal.

Career Girls filming location: Rousden Street, Camden, London
Career Girls location: student digs above the Chinese takeaway: Rousden Street, Camden, London NW1

Flashbacks conjure up the embarrassing hell that is student life with the two sharing scruffy digs at 40 Rousden Street on the corner of Randolph Street, NW1, just north of Camden Road Station.

The flat was transformed into the Chinese takeaway where their troubled friend Ricky (Mark Benton) pigs out on curry and chips. Do you think Lo Hung Lee was a real name?

Back in the present, the two girls travel north in an attempt to re-unite with Ricky up in Hartlepool, on the North Sea coast of County Durham.

They catch up with him on the seafront at Seaton Carew, just south of Hartlepool, but he seems to be beyond help.