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Monday July 15th 2024

Carry On Columbus | 1992

This attempt to reboot the lovable old seaside postcard series of films with a new generation of comics was based on the greatly anticipated (by the film industry, at least) wave of Columbusmania that was due to hit us in 1992.

A bad decision in so many ways. Let’s just record that the arrival of Columbus (Jim Dale, the only returning regular from the original series) in the ‘New World’ was filmed at Frensham Ponds, a much-used location, on the A287 about five miles south of Farnham in Surrey.

They're artificial ponds, built in the Middle Ages to provide fresh fish for the Bishop of Winchester's estate. They were also used in the 1963 Carry On Jack and became – ahem! – The Nile for Stephen Sommers' The Mummy in 1999.