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Wednesday May 22nd 2024

Carry On Loving | 1970

Carry On Loving film location: Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire
Carry On Loving location: the ‘Parkway Hotel’: Harte and Garter Hotel, Jubilee Arch, Windsor, Berkshire

The Carry On... series had settled into its comfy, innuendo-laden groove by 1970, with most of the productions confined to the Windsor-Maidenhead area, not too far from the base at Pinewood Studios.

‘Much Snogging-on-the-Green’ is for the most part Windsor, in Berkshire, and the venerable fortifications of the royal residence itself, Windsor Castle, form a pretty recognisable backdrop to many scenes.

Originally built in the 11th century, Windsor Castle has been used by monarchs since Henry I, making it the longest-occupied palace in Europe. The town of Windsor, as you will see, is not shy of using the adjective ‘Royal’. In fact, the royal family took its current name from the town when, during World War I, it was thought that Saxe-Coburg and Gotha sounded perhaps a little bit too German.

‘Much Snogging’ railway station, where snooping James Bedsop (Charles Hawtrey) gets arrested for following Sidney Bliss (Sid James) into the gents toilet, is Windsor and Eton Central Station. The terminus has changed quite a bit since 1970, with much of the station building converted into a touristy shopping centre called Windsor Royal Shopping.

Central Station is served by a shuttle service from Slough. Windsor's other station, Windsor and Eton Riverside, is the terminus for trains from London Waterloo.

Carry On Loving film location: Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire
Carry On Loving location: the ‘Wedded Bliss’ agency: Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire

The ‘Wedded Bliss Agency’ was on the fourth floor of 15 Park Street at Sheet Street. You might remember that, back in the more innocent days of 1961, the ‘Helping Hands’ employment agency operated out of the basement of the same building in Carry On Regardless.

The ‘Parkway Hotel’, where nerdy Bertrum Muffet (Richard O’Callaghan) meets the photographer’s model, is the side entrance at Jubilee Arch of the Harte and Garter Hotel & Spa, 31 High Street, by the entrance to Windsor and Eton Station. Like much else in the town, the hotel has been seriously smartened up.

The rather posh home of Percival Snooper (Kenneth Williams) can be seen halfway along Adelaide Square, off Kings Road about half a mile south of the town centre.