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Friday February 23rd 2024

Carry On Sergeant | 1959

Carry On Sergeant film location: Cardwells Keep, Stoughton, Surrey
Carry On Sergeant film location: the army barracks: Cardwells Keep, Stoughton, Surrey | Photograph: wikimedia / Ron Strutt

This little post-war comedy dates from a time when conscription was still in force and young men were obliged to serve a spell in the army, as dour army officer Sergeant Grimshawe (William Hartnell, the original Doctor Who in 1963) licks a shower of conscripts into shape. No one could have predicted the increasingly bawdy series it spawned.

It was filmed at the then-home of the Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment, the Victorian Stoughton Barracks. It was here, incidentally, that Her Maj took driving lessons.

In 1995, the property was renovated, converted into luxury housing, and is now known as Cardwells Keep, Stoughton Road, in Stoughton, north of Guildford, Surrey.