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Saturday May 18th 2024

Far And Away | 1992

Far And Away location: Killruddery House, Bray, Republic of Ireland
Far And Away location: the country estate: Killruddery House, Bray, Republic of Ireland | Photograph: Wikimedia /Egita Feldberga

More misty-eyed nostalgia for old Oireland as Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman emigrate to the New World.

The Irish coastal scenes used the Dingle Peninsula, where, as for David Lean’s Ryan’s Daughter a village was built specially for the movie. The country estate, where poor country lad Joseph Donnelly (Cruise) falls for the daughter of the landowner, is Killruddery House and Gardens, near Bray just south of Dublin.

Seat of the Earl of Meath, the house is still there (its fiery destruction was computer generated), and has since been seen in My Left Foot and TV series The Tudors. The unique 17th Century gardens are open on weekends in April and October, and seven days a week from May to September, and there are guided tours of the house.

Donnelly and Shannon Christie (Kidman) flee to the US – but filming continues in the Republic of Ireland.

Far And Away location: Market Street, Dublin
Far And Away location: Joseph and Shannon arrive in ‘Boston’: Market Street, Dublin

Their arrival in turn-of-the-century ‘Boston’ was filmed on Market Street, behind the Guinness Brewery in Dublin. The bustling street scenes, with the brothel where Donnelly stays, is Temple Lane, near the Ha’penny Bridge. Molly Kay’s brothel, Donnelly ’s lodging, was built on a vacant lot between a pub and a pizza parlour.

Far And Away location: Temple Lane, Dublin
Far And Away location: The ‘Boston’ street on which Joseph stays: Temple Lane, Dublin

And although the ‘Oklahoma Land Rush’ really is in the US, the spectacular land-grab was shot just outside Billings, Montana.