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Wednesday October 4th 2023

Ghostbusters 2 | 1989

Ghostbusters 2 filming location: National Museum of the Native American - previously the old US Customs House, Broadway at Bowling Green, Lower Manhattan</p>
Ghostbusters 2 location: The 'Manhattan Museum of Art': US Customs House, Bowling Green, New York

In the rather tired sequel to Ghostbusters, the ‘Manhattan Museum of Art’ is the old United States Customs House, 1 Bowling Green at Broadway in New York, now housing the National Museum of the American Indian.

More recently the building has been seen as the site of the Riddler’s flash party in Batman Forever, was transformed into the ‘City Public Archives’, in which the young Tenenbaums camp out, in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums , the 'Social Services department' in Adam Sandler comedy Big Daddy, site of the 'Immobiliare' takeover meeting in The Godfather Part II and also appears in The Amazing Spider-Man.