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Saturday May 18th 2024

Rabid | 1977

David Cronenberg’s early visceral horror has Rose (Marilyn Chambers, star of the hardcore Behind The Green Door) developing a bloodsucking growth in her armpit after undergoing experimental surgery.

Like his earlier Shivers, it’s shot around Montréal, where Rose’s first victim discharges himself from Hôpital Notre-Dame, 1560 Sherbrooke Est, at Parc La Fontaine, and begins to spread the rabies-like infection.

The shopping mall, where the cop guns down a rabid attacker and also – whoops! – kills Santa Claus, is the Cavendish Mall, 5800 Boulevard Cavendish at Côte St Luc.

Rose hides out with her friend in the highrise apartment block 2121 St-Mathieu at Avenue Lincoln, in Shaughnessy Village, southwest of the city centre.