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Tuesday March 5th 2024

Texasville | 1990

19 years after the achingly atmospheric The Last Picture Show, Peter Bogdanovich returns to the fictitious ‘Anarene’ (though the story picks up 30 years after the 50s-set original).

He revisits the characters created by Larry McMurtry (latterly, the adaptor for the screen of E Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain).

Somehow, this time the magic just doesn’t work so well. The location is, once again, Archer City, about 25 miles south of Wichita Falls, northern Texas.

The good news is that the burnt-out Royal Theater, 113 East Main Street, has been restored and is open again, for live performances. Although the original façade remains, it is no more than a façade. The theatre itself lies behind the building to the left.

In 1990, the picture house was still an empty shell, so – as in the original film – cinema interiors were filmed in the town Olney, a few miles further south.

The Dairy Queen, 934 South Center Street, where everyone hangs out, is on Highway 79, south of town.