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Sunday June 23rd 2024

Tremors | 1990


This lively tongue-in-cheek horror, which has gone on to become a great favourite (and spawned several sequels), is set around the town of 'Perfection, Nevada'. The entire town was a set built just off Cactus Flat Roads east of the town of Olancha, on I-395 between Ridgecrest and Lone Pine in central California. After filming the set was torn down.

Lone Pine, 23 miles north of Olancha on the I-395 is a historic filming site and naturally the film uses its striking rock formations, the Alabama Hills.

The Alabama Hills have featured in countless movies, often doubling for ‘India’ and the Himalayas in such films as 1953's King Of The Khyber Rifles, 1939's Gunga Din, with Cary Grant, and Lives of a Bengal Lancer, as well as Western dramatic for Marvel's Iron Man, How the West Was Won, Joe Kidd and Kalifornia.

Lone Pine is now home to the Museum of Western Film History, and the annual Lone Pine Film Festival celebrates the area's cinematic legacy. Even the place names reflect the importance of the movie industry. The track leading up to the most frequently used area is called Movie Road.