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Friday December 1st 2023

Wait Until Dark | 1967

Wait Until Dark location: St Luke's Place, Greenwich Village, New York
Wait Until Dark location:Audrey Hepburn’s basement apartment: St Luke’s Place, Greenwich Village, New York

It's bad news for blind Susy Hendrix (Audrey Hepburn) when ruthless psychos discover that a cache of drugs is hidden in her New York apartment. This great little suspenser, prefiguring David Fincher's The Panic Room, contains one of the all-time great seat-jumping moments.

Susy's basement is the classic 1860s townhouse at 4 St Luke's Place, off Hudson Street in a classy part of Greenwich Village. Incidentally, her neighbours include, at number 12, that nice family the Huxtables, from TV's The Cosby Show.