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Tuesday March 5th 2024

Zulu | 1964

Star Stanley Baker himself produced this account of the last stand of the British garrison against 4,000 warriors of the Zulu nation at Rorke’s Drift in 1879.

The movie was shot in South Africa, with the cooperation of Chief Buthelezi, who actually appears in the movie playing his ancestor Cetewayo.

Because of the apartheid laws, none of the actors who portrayed the Zulu warriors, were allowed to attend the premiere of the movie. The Afro-Caribbean actors who filmed scenes at Twickenham Studiosdidn't travel to South Africa.

The actual location of Rorke’s Drift, alongside the Buffalo River, had changed beyond recognition so the movie was shot about 90 miles to the southwest, 10,000 feet above Durban against the backdrop of the country’s longest mountain range, the Drakensburg Mountains, in the Royal Natal National Park, southeast South Africa. The area also happens to be more photogenically mountainous than the real site.