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Tuesday July 23rd 2024

  • Amadeus film location
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Bullitt film location
    San Francisco, California
  • The Third Man film location
    Vienna, Austria
  • Paddington film location
    London, UK

Film Locations Travel: visiting film locations around the world

Welcome to the Movie Locations Travel Section.

It's fine to discover where your favourite film was made, but it's more exciting to visit, right? The main site is organised by film title, but this Travel Section will be devoted to destinations. Whether you want to explore a city, state, county or neighbourhood – we're bringing you local travel guides.

We’re kicking off with – where else? – Los Angeles, home of the Hollywood film industry and one of the greatest concentrations of feature film locations in the world, where you can visit the worlds of Blade RunnerChinatownE.T., the Transformers, both Halloween 1978 and Halloween 2007, The Big LebowskiPulp FictionBoogie Nights, Drive and naturally LA Confidential and La La Land. To check out a film’s full list of locations, you can refer back to its title on the main site.

We’ll regularly be adding new cities and areas, as well as revising existing entries. We welcome any updates or comments and will endeavour to keep information as up-to-date as is reasonably possible.

Our aim is to promote and facilitate responsible movie tourism. Many commercial establishments listed will naturally welcome your custom. We’re happy to direct you to the hotels, the bars, restaurants and historic sites you’ve seen on-screen, but please be aware that some places are private residences.

It’s important never to trespass or to disturb the privacy of residents. Please do nothing to degrade the environment or spoil the pleasure for other visitors.

Los Angeles Travel