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Saturday May 18th 2024

The Anderson Tapes | 1971

The Anderson Tapes location: 1 East 91st Street, East Side, New York
The Anderson Tapes location: the lavish apartment block: 1 East 91st Street, East Side, New York

Duke Anderson (Sean Connery) is an ex-con unprepared for the modern world of surveillance as he heads a gang out to rob an entire luxury apartment block, in Sidney Lumet’s underrated paranoia thriller, filmed on location around Manhattan.

Anderson is released from the notorious Riker's Island prison in Queens (also seen in Brian de Palma’s Carlito's Way), and arrives in Manhattan at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on Eighth Avenue.

The lavish Italianate palazzo Anderson’s crew sets its sights on is 1 East 91st Street on Fifth Avenue, overlooking Central Park. One of New York's largest private houses, the last on the so-called Millionaire's Row, it was built in 1918 for banker Otto Kahn and became the Convent of the Sacred Heart (if you're going to take a vow of poverty, you might as well do it in a millionaire's mansion on the Upper East Side), and was used as a girls' school.

Some interiors were filmed at the New York Production Center Studios, 221 West 26th Street, but the mansion's distinctive oval staircase is the real thing.

The mansion crops up again as the Osborn residence in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while its interior is seen in Working Girl (as the interior of 2 East 91st Street, opposite) and is also used as the Bishop’s ‘Boston’ mansion in Sidney Lumet’s The Verdict, with Paul Newman.